Birding Around Minnesota’s Green Lake

August 14th, 2015 by InnKeeper

Minnesota BirdingMost people come to the lake country near Spicer Minnesota to escape the day to day stress of their modern lifestyle.  We can’t think of a better way to enjoy the quiet serenity of Minnesota’s lake country than spending a day in nature, watching the abundant wildlife that calls this area home.  In Minnesota, we enjoy a variety of distinct landscapes, from prairie grasslands, deciduous woods, coniferous forest and aspen parkland to expansive lakes that dot the landscape. Each area has distinct habitats for plants and animals, and offer many unique and exciting opportunities for outdoor activities.  To take advantage of the some of the best birding destinations around Minnesota, book your room at our relaxing Bed and Breakfast on Green Lake, Minnesota today.

Birding in Minnesota

As we mentioned above, Minnesota is unique in habitat, which includes boreal-hardwood forest, eastern broadleaf forest, and prairie parkland, lending to a tremendous variety of and diversity in bird species.  According to Audobon Minnesota, there are three spectactular places from which to enjoy birding.  They include The Minnesota River Valley Birding Trail, The Great River Birding Trail and The North Shore Birding Trail.  Though the Great River Birding Trail and the North Shore Birding Trail lie predominately to the north and east of us, you will find some of the wonderful areas of the Minnesota River Valley Birding Trail withing close proximity to our Bed and Breakfast.  The two closest destinations are Praire Woods Environmental Learning Center and clomid headache Sibley State Park in New London.  The nearby Glacial Lakes State Trail can also be a wonderful place to spot birds as you stroll along this beautiful area. Minnesota Birding

If you’re willing to go a little further afield, there are also many wonderful places within a short distance that offer spectacular birding opportunities to the patient birder.  These include Monson Lake State Park, Camp Kerk Wildlife Management Area, accutane and costochondritis Brenner Lake Waterfowl Production Area, Ordway Prairie, Lake Johanna and Freeze Waterfowl Production Area, and Nelson Lake and Overby Lake Waterfowl Production Area.  Of course, when you’ve had your fill of birding for the day, there is no better way to end your day than by enjoying a spectacular dinner at our waterfront restaurant, located at our beautiful Bed and Breakfast on the shores of Green Lake.  Book your room with us today, and start looking forward to your escape into Minnesota’s beautiful lake country.