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Spicer Castle Inn

With Thanksgiving around the corner, I was thinking this evening why I am so thankful.  As a mom and grandmother, I am thankful for my amazing sons, grandsons and finally a granddaughter born on November 8th.  Does anyone know if they sell pink trucks?  Just kidding!   It is so much fun when my grandsons visit and ask for “nola bars” and “fuit nacks,” translated granola bars and fruit snacks.  Coloring pictures, playing ball and reading books are great past-times at my house.  I love to bake pies, breads, pastries and cakes and I plan to bake our family favorites: pumpkin, pecan and apple pies with enough left overs to send goodies home with my family.

Birthday Cake

As an innkeeper, I am thankful for our amazing staff that work so hard to make sure that each guest is met with gracious hospitality, clean rooms and great food.  Their dedication and extra effort to make sure that our guests enjoy their stay is outstanding, they are my extended family and I am so grateful.

I am very thankful for all the wonderful guests that we have had the privilege of welcoming to our historic country lake inn.  The highlight of innkeeping is meeting and getting to know our guests, just last week there was a couple celebrating their anniversary and I had so much fun helping the man plan a surprise vow renewal for his wife.  It is creating memories  that makes all the hard work that goes into innkeeping rewarding.  This isn’t just an old building with all its intricacies, it is a place where people celebrate life’s precious moments.   We had a dream of having people enjoy this piece of history and feel like they are home while visiting our bed and breakfast.

I hope you all have reasons to be thankful this year and remember the little things that make you smile.   I’ll really be smiling this year because my family is coming to my house and I get to prepare a feast; and I look forward to more great guest comments, maybe one from you!!!

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