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A historical inn built by the Spicer Family in Spicer, Minnesota

Medayto Cottage, now Spicer Castle, was built by my grandfather, John M. Spicer, founder of the City, in 1895. It was built as a seasonal home where friends and family visited often.

I’m asked how it became known as the Spicer Castle. In the 1930’s, fishermen began commonly identifying their landmark for locating fishing spots as Spicer’s Castle. After awhile, it showed up on fishing maps and then in other printed material and has been known as the Spicer Castle ever since.

Tucked into the woods with 600 feet of lakeshore the Spicer Castle remains with many of its original furnishings while most similar old lake homes are long gone. When I have asked those who remember Medayto Cottage in its earlier days how it has changed, their answer is “little or none.” As you visit, you may see yourself as a part of those slower paced, gentle days of a century ago.

I hope you enjoy your visit. Perhaps you will experience waking to the joyful sounds of songbirds, or watching the brilliant changes of the sky across the lake at sunset. These are a few of the memories shared over the years by my family and friends who have gathered at Medayto Cottage. As a grandson of John Spicer, I wish you a good journey and that you may return again.