11600 Indian Beach Road Spicer, Minnesota 56288



The Castle

Spicer Castle is named for its builder, John Spicer, who finished construction in 1895. “The Castle”, as the local landmark is known, has been in the Spicer family for four generations. Innkeeper Mary Swanson, John’s great granddaughter, continues the family tradition of warmth and hospitality of the Green Lake castle by operating it as a premier Minnesota Bed and Breakfast Inn.

Explore Our Green Lake Castle

The lobby is a good place to chat with your fellow guests, play a board game or just sit and read a book from our library. You can also stroll the grounds or visit nearby trails, parks, museums and shops. If there’s work to be done, the wireless Internet, fax machine and copier at our Green Lake castle are at your disposal.

Afternoon Tea is served from 4:30 to 6:00 PM. This is another wonderful opportunity to meet other guests and find out about any special events in the area. Happy Hour is offered from 4:00 to 6:00 PM.  Summer Restaurant Hours are Tuesday through Sunday 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM serving Lunch and Dinner.  In the morning coffee and tea is available at 7:30 am and our Hearty Breakfast is served at 9:00 AM. Enjoy juice, fresh fruit, homemade muffins, coffeecake, a main entree and our special coffee with your stay at our bed and breakfast.

Photo Credits: Mark Peterson of Peterson Photography & Imaging Inc. took the majority of our newest photography, while we also are featuring photography from Heidi Shub Photography and Katrina Hannemann of Studio Laguna.

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